Victony WI-FI Range Extender Setup

Victony Wifi Extender Setup: When it comes to a cost-effective investment, Victony wireless range extenders are unrivalled. AP.Setup secures your all online activities. Victony accomplishes this with the help of its 1200 MBPS speed.

Victony Extender Setup

As a result, anything can be done quickly, whether it’s gaming, video streaming, or even downloading. The Victony Wifi Extender Setup comes with a slew of capabilities and is a valuable tool for resolving all of your internet-related issues With AP.Setup

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about two different ways to set up a Victony Wi-Fi Extender:

1.WPS technique

2.Using a Web Browser

The WPS method is used to set up the Victony WiFi extender:

Follow the instructions below to configure your Victony Wi-fi Extender Setup using WPS:

  • First and foremost, connect your extender to a power source that is nearby to your router.
  • Examine the power LED once it has been connected to ensure that it is lit in a solid colour.
  • Now, on both your router and your extension, look for the WPS button. Once you’ve discovered it, press the button in each device for about 2-3 seconds at the same time.
  • A green blinking light on your extender, your router  successfully connected with the extender.

Victony Extender Setup

  • After that, all you have to do is wait for about 10-15 seconds for the devices to recognise each other and begin working.
  • The LED on the extension will become solid green after the connection is made successfully.
  • You may now take your extension out of the location and put it anyplace in the house. To get the most out of the extender, keep it where the internet isn’t working at all.

 Setup a Victony WiFi extender using a web browser

To set up a New Extender Setup using a browser, follow the instructions below:

  • Begin by plugging in your wifi extender setup to a power source. You don’t have to keep it close to your router, and you can do it from anywhere.
  • Keep an eye on the LED indication for a solid green colour to indicate the extender has turned on.
  • Now open the wi-fi manager on a device such as a laptop or a smartphone. Connect to your extender’s network using the wi-fi manager. The network will almost certainly be unprotected.
  • After you’ve successfully connected to the network, open a browser of your choice and navigate to the URL bar.
  • Finally, you’ll be asked to submit login credentials, and all you have to do is type “admin” in both fields. Then, after clicking the login button, you’ll be sent to a dashboard. Simply complete the setup by following the procedures outlined on the page.

victony Extender Setup


You can’t open the URL or can’t configure your Victony wifi range extender setup? Sometimes it’s because your web browser doesn’t support the site, so try using a different browser or the IP address

Set up your wifi range extender according to the instructions?

  • Place your victony wifi extender in the same room as your router.
  • Using an electrical outlet, plug in your wifi range extender and router.
  • Make sure your extender isn’t connected to the internet through an ethernet wire.
  • Examine the LED light on your extender. When only one of the power lights blinks, your router is ready to connect.
  • The victony range extender allows you to connect to the internet.
  • After that, you’ll be able to quickly visit the website.