Brostrend Extender setup

brostrend Extender Setup

 Re.brostrend Extender Setup : If you’re having trouble setting up your extender with the WPS button, try using If you have a needle, click the restart button on your extender to reset the default set to factory. If you don’t have a needle, skip this step.

  1. Please wait for the light solid blue procedure to restart after the power LED blinks for a few seconds.
  2. Then connect to your extender using your wi-fi device. Default Setup network name for Re.brostrend Extender No wifi password is required for the initial connection; once connected to the extender, use the AP.setup or address.
  3. For your first login, you have the option of selecting an administrator and a password.
  4. With your current router nearby, choose wifi names and then set up the SSID and password.
  5. The colour of your extender’s signal LED can help you figure out how the extender and the existing router are connected.

LED Indication:- 

  • Power LED Light state: Extender is in its first condition. 
  • Solid Blue Power Light: Extender is in its original state.
  • Extender is turning on with a solid red or amber power light.
  • Blinking Red Power Light: If you continually getting a blinking Red light on power, it’s a sign that something is wrong. It’s a sign that your extender isn’t working properly.
brostrend Extender Setup

LED Light from WPS

  • The WPS light will not always be on. After configuring, it turns off. Typically, the user is given simply two LED lights: Power and Signal. As long as the user has access to electricity and the signal extender is operational.
  • When the user hits the WPS button on the Bros Trend New Extender Setup , the WPS LED illuminates. After pressing the WPS button, it begins to blink blue. It blinks for a few seconds before changing to a solid Blue colour.

LED Light for Signaling

  • Extender is functional and has a strong connection when the signal light is solid blue.
  • Extender is working, but it is too far away from the router. Solid Red Signal Light: Extender is working, but it is too far away from the router.
  • When the user sees Red light on the signal, he usually assumes his extension isn’t working. If the signal light on your extension is red, move it closer to the router, and the signal light will turn solid blue.
brostrend Extender Setup
brostrend Extender Setup

Some of Bros Trend Extender’s Key Features

  • Any router will work with the Bros Trend  Extender.
  • It has less difficulties because it only works with one firmware version, making it simpler and easier to set up.
  • The Bros Trend Extender may be used in two modes: as an extender or as an access point.
  • It uses dual-band technology, with 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands available.