Want to use to set up your new Wi-fi Range Extender Setup? Extenders from the Victony brand substantially expand the coverage area and improve the overall performance of a wireless network. The Victony Wifi extender arrangement works best for the 2.4-5GHz WiFi band, reducing interference to 300Mbps. Because of your laptop/notebook/mobile phone, they are compatible with any wireless computer. Because of the compact size of the Victony extender, you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Follow all of the steps below to Setup Wavlink Extender through Ap.setup:

  • To begin, connect your Wavlink extension to a stable power supply.
  • Then, under the repeated mode, enable the extender.
  • Now turn on the wifi-enabled wireless device and connect it to the ap.setup login designated extender network.
  • For the first connection, it will ask for a password.
  • Go to your browser and type http://ap.setup or the IP address into the address bar.
  • On the device’s screen, you’ll be asked to log in using your default account credentials as well as passwords.
  • Then, to swiftly complete the ap.setup, carefully follow the instructions as instructed.

If you have any questions about how to set up a New Extender Setup using the IP address, please contact us as soon as possible at. Extender Setup

AP Extender Setup | Ap.Setup | New Extender Setup

  • The first step is to plug the Wavlink range extender into a power outlet. It’s best to put it near your present Wi-Fi router.
  • Then, for ap.setup, turn on your wifi-enabled device.
  • On the extender, press and hold the current WPS button for a few seconds.
  • On the current router, repeat the third step and look for a connection between two devices.
  • Disconnect the extender and place it at the dead zone’s position after the two devices have successfully communicated.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi settings in your wireless devices that you want to connect to the network.
  • Select your Wi-Fi network and launch your browser.
  • In the web address box, type http://ap.setup or the IP address
  • Sign in using the same username and password credentials for ap setup as you did for
  • Select Wizard Installation from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the password for your wireless network.
  • For ap.setup, follow the on-screen instructions.

MSRM Extender Setup via

MSRM Extender Setup

MSRM extender setup- Extender Setup

  • Until the installation is complete, you must plug your MSRM extender setup into the same room as your router.
  • If the power light remains steady, push the WPS button on the extension, which will flash.
  • Within after  two minutes, press the WPS button on your wifi router. If your router’s WPS button is disabled, log in to Ap.setup and enable the WPS from there.
  • On both smartphones, the WPS light is now flickering for roughly 10-15 seconds.
  • After a successful setup, the WPS on the router stops and the WPS on the extender becomes solid for ap.setup.
  • In your WiFi list, the extender will now appear as your network name (SSID EXT).
  • Unplug the MSRM extender and place it halfway between your router and the spot where the connection is required. Keep it away from major equipment like air conditioners and microwaves.
  • As a result, your MSRM extender installation is complete.